Type Safe Decorators

In OOP there exists a design pattern for extending functionality of methods via a form of composition, this pattern is commonly referred to as the Decorator Pattern. You can find »

The composite pattern and monoids

When you hear some one mention the Composite Pattern you might have visions race through your head of "The gang of four", enterprise development and old neck beard programmers. Likewise »

Functors: Values with context

Functors are a really important concept to understand if you plan on doing any programming in any strongly typed functional programming language. The thing is they appear to be such »

Reduce vs Fold in Scala

For better or worse in functional programming there exists fuzzy concrete notions on what it means to fold over some input versus what it means to reduce over some input »

Exhaustivity Checking

One of the really cool things about Scala that helps you write more reliable code is a nifty compiler feature called Exhaustivity checking. In a nutshell it's the compilers way »