A FP Web Scraper DSL + Engine

On July 2014 i decided to take a couple months off of working for anyone and spend some time with my family and do some coding for myself, not for »

Notes on Clojure

I've been playing with Clojure a lot lately in my freetime. It's a functional language that runs on the JVM that prioritizes simplicity and values (immutable data) as core design »

Paul Graham, Star Trek, College and Startups

Pual Graham's Lecture Y-Combinator recently ran a class (CS183B) at Stanford. All of the lectures for this class have since been published via YouTube and i've watched all of them »

Consistent Hashing

I've written previously on the value of Feature Flags. This time around i would like to talk about an algorithim that's very important to their implementation and also very important »

CRDTs: Distributed Semilattices

I've recently returned from the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis. One of the talks that really piqued my interest was one by Peter Bourgon (@peterbourgon) on CRDTs. In Abstract »